Quantum Field Theory 572

Spring 2016

Professor David Kaplan

TA: Brandon Robinson, B418, robinb22@uw.edu

I will not have regular office hours, but I like talking to students!  If you want to discuss something email me, or take your chances and just drop by my office.

Recommended references -- best to read up on each topic in at least two books:

    Srednicki:  Quantum Field Theory
    Schwartz:  Quantum field theory and the standard model
    Weinberg: The quantum theory of fields
    Itzykson & Zuber:  Quantum Field Theory
    Peskin and Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
    Ramond: Field Theory: A Modern Primer
    Brown: Quantum Field Theory

To get to more advanced topics, nothing compares to:

    Coleman: Aspects of Symmetry (especially chapters "Secret Symmetry", "Uses of Instantons", and "Large N")


    Representations of the Lorentz group
    Dimensional Regularization
    Fermion Path Integration
    NJL Model Note
    Effective Field Theory Lectures
    Fujikawa paper on anomalies
    Longer Fujikawa paper (some notation differences from PRL; factors of 1/2 missing in front of [γ,γ] in eqs 15, 24a.)
    Notes on Anomalies
    Fujikawa Note
    Uses of Instantons, section 3

Problem sets

 (All problem sets are due in class the day they are due, or in Brandon Robinson's mailbox by 5PM the day they are due.  Late homework is not accepted.)

    Problem set #1 (Due Tuesday 4/12/16)
    Problem set #2 (Due Tuesday 4/26/16)
    Problem set #3 (Due Tuesday 5/10/16)
    Problem set #4 (Due Tuesday 5/24/16)


    Solution set #1
    Solution set #2
    Solution set #3
    Solution set #4