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INT Visitor Information

The INT Office is on the 4th floor of the Physics Building; the location is at
NE Pacific St. and 15th Ave. NE

INT Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Closed 12:00 - 1:00pm for lunch.)
Weekends and Holidays: Closed(See the wall calendar in your office for holidays.)

Emergency / Safety Information*
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the *Safety and Emergency Information posted by the door in your office.* This is very important as you may be in the building after hours or on weekends when few other people will be here.

*Medical or other emergency*: *dial 911* from any phone.

*Fire*: If the alarm is activated (whooping sound and flashing lights), immediately leave the building via the nearest stairwell, closing doors behind you. The heavy doors in the hallways and stairwells are designed for protection; do not block exit doors in an open position. Go to the bottom of the stairs and then exit the building. If you discover a fire, pull the fire alarm if it is nearby, or dial 911 to report it, and then immediately leave the building via the nearest stairwell. Do not use the elevators.

*Earthquake*: Take cover next to (not under) a reasonably elevated and sturdy piece of furniture like an office desk, (or better yet, lie down between two), in a corner away from windows and heavy objects that may fall, or in a structurally strong location such as a hall by a pillar. Do not stand in open office doorways as swinging doors may cause injury. Wait until all shaking stops before leaving the building. Do not use the elevators. Take the stairs to the bottom and exit the building, being careful to watch for falling debris. The plaza area with the sculpture and the north exit of the building are potentially dangerous locations due to possible collapse into the basement/laboratory area below. Use caution and judgment.

*First Aid Kit*: A basic first aid kit is located in the main INT office C411, on the wall next to the printer. There are more supplies on the top shelf of the left-hand cupboard in the Supply Room, C425. Your office key will open the door.

Lock your office whenever it is unoccupied to safeguard your possessions and those of your colleagues.

Any accident, theft, or other emergency incident should be reported as soon as possible to the INT Administrator (Linda Vilett) or INT Director (Larry McLerran). In their absence, please inform one of the other INT staff members.

Husky NightWalk provides uniformed safety guards to walk with you to increase your personal safety on and around campus. The service is available to the University community 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. seven days a week, excluding University holidays. Please contact the UW Police Department's Husky NightWalk Service at (206) 685-9255 for more information, or to schedule an escort.

When you check into the INT

  • Discuss the reimbursement process with Linda Vilett as soon as possible after you arrive.
  • If you have requested a Visiting Scholar appointment, you will be given information about setting up your UW NetID and getting a Visiting Scholar Husky ID card.
  • Ask the staff in C411 if you have any questions-we will be happy to help you.
Building Use Permit
When INT keys are assigned, you will be given an orange Building Use Permit. Please keep this card with you, particularly at night and on weekends and holidays. The card will be recognized as proof that you are authorized to have keys to the building and INT offices, and to be in the building after normal business hours. Please destroy when you leave. *If you have a Visiting Scholar Husky ID Card, you may use that instead.

Absence from the INT

  • If you plan to be away from the INT for any length of time, please notify one of the staff members of your intended absence. This information is needed in case there are calls that need to be redirected, an emergency, etc. Absences from the INT will affect your housing and per diem reimbursement, so it is very important that you discuss any absences with Linda Vilett.

Submitting your presentation

  • Give staff in C411 a .pdf or .ppt file of your presentation for the INT website or email it as an attachment to Cheryl at Be sure to include your last name in the file name. If Cheryl is away, email it to Farha, or Kimberlee,, depending on which one is coordinating your program.
  • You can view presentations, including those from past programs and workshops at:

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INT Facilities
Computers ♦ Copying ♦ Fax/Telephones ♦ Kitchen ♦ Mail ♦ Papers/Preprints

Computing and Internet Access

  • All visitors to the INT will be given access to Wireless through a Shared Temporary NetID that is usually generated weekly and printed on the current week's schedule. If you don't see it, just ask the staff at the main desk.
  • Wireless access is available throughout the Physics/Astronomy Buildings. To access any site or services within the university, simply connect to the wireless network (SSID) "University of Washington." If you need to access networks outside the university, bring up a web browser and point it to an outside site (e.g. There will be a login screen that will be visible instead of Google's main page. It will ask for your UW NetID and password (see "When you check into the INT" above) or your Shared Temporary NetID.

Connecting and printing from your own laptop

    You are encouraged to use your own laptop and connect to the University network. It is not protected by a firewall, so you must be certain that your computer has the necessary security patches (Windows users please note!)
  • There is a network cable in each office for connecting to laptops. If you do not find it, ask the staff. Please do not unplug any lines going into the desktops; they are being used in our Condor network.
  • The connection protocol is DHCP. If, after plugging the computer in, it does not find the network, you may need to reconfigure your laptop. Help for this purpose is available through PACS, the computer support group (see below).
  • You may configure your laptop to print directly to the INT printers, "morris" and "color", which are in the "Copy Room", C427. Instructions for connecting to the printers are found at:
Printing & scanning directly from the Copier: You may print from & scan to a flash drive with the Color copier.
  • Only documents in .pdf and .jpeg formats are recognized. If you don't have a memory stick with you, please ask the INT Front Desk to lend you one.
  • Printing from USB:
    1. Insert flash drive into the USB port on the left side of the console.
    2. Choose "Printing".
    3. Choose to "Print for Memory Storage Device".
    4. Please choose to print 2-sided (unless necessary), then press Start button.
    5. Do not remove stick until printing is complete.
  • Scanning to USB:
    1. Insert flash drive in USB port on the left side of the console.
    2. Load document into the feeder tray or place on glass.
    3. Choose "Scanning".
    4. Press Start button.
    5. Do not remove stick until message states that it is safe to remove.
    6. The default file name is the date [year, month, day, time].
If you really need a desktop computer
  • There is a Windows computer you can use in C427, the "Copy Room" that requires no login.
  • Talk to the staff at the front desk. We can give you a temporary user name and password to use on the Linux computer at your desk.
  • Enter the user name and password into the login blanks and press enter. The user name will be "v" followed by five digits. The user name cannot be changed to your real name or preferred user name. Please note: both the user name and password are case-sensitive.
  • Once you are logged in, you may change the password. If you choose to do this, open a terminal window. Type "passwd" at the prompt, and enter the information for which you are asked.
  • Important: Because the account is temporary, it will be terminated when you leave the INT. If you have files stored on the INT computer, be sure to move them before or promptly after you leave. Please remember to formally log out before you leave the INT or the next visitor will not be able to log on. On toolbar at top of screen, click on Systems, then on Log out on drop-down menu.

Getting computer help
The PACS Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They do ask for your patience as the group serves the Physics and Astronomy departments as well as the INT.
When opening a help ticket, remember to provide as much of the following as possible:
    Your Full Name, Your Location (Office Number / Lab)
    Contact Info (Email and Phone)
    Your Computer Name (if you know it)
    Description of the Problem
  • If you are using a Linux desktop computer, please try rebooting before seeking help. If the computer appears to be stuck and you can't use the curser:
  • will switch from the graphics display manager to the computer console.
  • will then start the reboot.
  • If this fails, PLEASE DO NOT shut the computer down or unplug anything.

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Coffee and Tea
Free coffee and tea are available in the INT kitchenette, Room C-440. Please notify the INT staff if any supplies run low. Also, please feel free to use the microwave and refrigerator as much as you like.

Note: We do not have janitor service for our kitchenette. So please do your best to help keep the kitchenette clean. Please clean up spills, and use the trash can for paper towels and cups.

Fax Machine
The number for the INT fax machine in room C427 is (206) 685-9829. Cover sheets and directions for sending faxes are on the refrigerator next to the fax machine. To send faxes internationally, you will need to ask for a UWATS code from an INT staff member.

Office Supplies
Office supplies are available in the supply cabinet in room C-425. Your office key will open this door. If you cannot find what you need, please ask the staff in C411 for assistance.

Papers and Preprints

  • Acknowledgement of the INT
    The INT will be grateful for an acknowledgement in any papers that result from your visit to the INT. Such papers include:
    • Those you initiate or complete during your stay in Seattle
    • Those that result from your stay but are completed at a later date
    • Sample acknowledgement:
      "We thank the [Department of Energy's] Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington for its hospitality and the Department of Energy for partial support during the completion of this work."

  • INT Preprint Numbers
    Please obtain an INT Preprint number for any papers that fall into the categories above. You will find the form at: Please fill in all blanks with asterisks. Thank you very much!

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Incoming: Mail delivery is once a day in the Physics mail room on the ground floor. Staff may bring it upstairs anytime between then and noon.

Note: If you are expecting something by mail, please let the staff know so they can watch for it.

Outgoing: The INT will pay for outgoing mail associated with your INT-related research activities during your stay at the University of Washington. Ask staff for a bar code for your research-related outgoing mail. The INT does not pay postage for mail unrelated to your physics activities. Both this mail and stamped personal mail may be left in the box on the front desk in C411. To be sure it makes the downstairs pickup, it should be in the box by 8:00 am or by 4:45 pm the previous day to be absolutely safe. You may buy stamps, etc. at the US Post Office at University Way NE & NE 43rd Street

Mailing Address:Express Mail Address:
Your name Your name
c/o Institute for Nuclear Theory c/o Institute for Nuclear Theory
University of Washington Room C411 Physics/Astronomy Bldg.
Physics/Astronomy Building University of Washington
Box 351550 Seattle, WA 98195-1550
Seattle, WA 98195-1550

To make local calls from the INT, dial "9" plus the area code, even if it is in Seattle (206). For U.S. long distance, add a "1" before the area code. For international calls, please check with the INT staff.

  • Accessing Voicemail on your office phone
    Please see enclosure in pocket of this notebook for information or ask staff in C411 if there is no enclosure. Complete information is online at:
      Please don't change your voicemail password unless you change it back before you leave - if you forget, the next visitor will be unable to use the voicemail!

      If you haven't changed the password, please don't forget to delete your personal messages.

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Around the INT
Banking ♦ Transportation ♦ Food ♦ Libraries/Bookstores ♦ On-Campus Facilities

The closest ATM is on the ground floor of the Odegaard Library in front of By George. Enter doors on the south side of the building and it will be on your right.

The closest bank is Wells Fargo at 4100 University Way NE, Seattle - (206) 547-2811 but there are many banks in the University District. We would be happy to help you find the one you need.

There is an excellent used bike store just a few blocks from the INT:

Recycled Cycles Inc.
1007 NE Boat St., ph: 206-547-4491

Book Store (The University Bookstore)

  • Main Branch, 4326 University Way NE, Tel. (206) 634-3400, Mon-Fri 9am-8pm; Sat 10am-7pm and Sun 12pm-5pm.
  • HUB Store, G03 Husky Union Bldg, Tel. (206) 543-5896 Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm, Sat & Sun: closed.


  • INT Library - Room C-411. Please ask office staff about the procedure for checking out books.
  • Physics-Astronomy Reading Room has been closed.

    It is always a good idea to check the site below for hours as they vary:
  • Suzzallo/Allen Library - Mon-Thurs 7:30am-10:00pm. Fri 7:30am-6pm; Sat 1pm-5pm; Sun 1pm- 10pm.
  • Odegaard Undergraduate Library - Open 24 hours from noon on Sunday to 8pm on Friday. Sat. 8am-8pm. Access between 8pm and 8am is restricted, so bring your Visiting Scholar ID!
  • To check out books at these or any other UW library, you must have a Visiting Scholar Husky ID Card. This serves as your library card.
  • Note that library hours may vary during holidays and academic breaks.

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Exercise: Intramural Activities Facility (IMA) -
To use the IMA facilities you will need a Visiting Scholar Husky ID card, obtained by having a Visiting Scholar appointment set up through the INT. The IMA fee is $6.75 + sales tax per use ($79.57 + sales tax per quarter). Facilities include a swimming pool, basketball, squash, racquetball, tennis and volleyball courts, weight rooms, saunas, and a climbing room. Court reservations are accepted and rental sports equipment is available.
Note: Rules and restrictions for visiting scholars using the IMA are the same as those for regular faculty and staff:
  • Visiting scholars must have an ID card to purchase use of the IMA facilities.
  • If visiting scholars purchase use of the IMA facilities, they may sponsor guests according to IMA policy.
  • Spouses (and registered same-sex domestic partners) of visiting scholars may arrange to use the IMA independently at restricted times. This arrangement will require the visiting scholar and partner to show documentation of marriage (or registration of their same-sex domestic partner status).

Parking Parking permits may be purchased upon presentation of your Visiting Scholar Husky ID card at the Commuter Options office, located at 1320 NE Campus Parkway, Tel. (206) 221-3701. The parking permit fee is calculated on a pro rata basis. Parking regulations on campus are strictly enforced. The Parking Services office is open Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:00 pm.

Bus Information
Bus schedules are available at the following locations:

  • Commuter Options, 1320 NE Campus Parkway
  • University Bookstore, 4326 University Way NE
  • Lobby of the By George cafeteria (lower level of the Odegaard Library)
  • Schmitz Hall, ground floor, corner of NE Campus Parkway and 15th Ave. NE
    You can also call METRO for schedule information at 206-553-3000 or access "Trip Planner" on the web This website also has information regarding the purchase of city bus passes.
  • If you are staying for a longer period (Ex: an entire quarter), you may wish to purchase a UW-subsidized quarterly bus pass, a UPASS. To get a U-PASS, you must first get a Visiting Scholar ID card and take it to Commuter Options, 1320 NE Campus Parkway, to buy a U-PASS sticker. Note that, unless you are taking the bus twice a day, you may not be saving much, if anything by doing this.

Transportation from SeaTac Airport:
(Approximately 20 miles to the University of Washington.)

Shuttle Express - 425-981-7000 or (within Washington) 1-800-487-7433; ( Door-to-door 24-hour service. Follow signs to ground transportation: from baggage claim, cross skybridge 4 to the airport parking garage and go to the 3rd floor, they're in the center of the Ground Transportation Plaza. The cost is as low as $22.00 per person depending on the number of passengers in the van. Some hotels in the area have lower contracted fares so please check with the driver. Only major credit cards are accepted.

-Advance reservations are required on trips returning to Sea-Tac Airport.
-Advance reservations are not required on trips from Sea-Tac Airport, but there may be an increased wait time.

Luxury Express (Seattle Towncar Service) - (206) 444-5400 or 1(800) 535-0094. Fax: (425) 889-8521. This door-to-door service, to and from the airport, costs approx. $60 one-way and takes about 20 - 25 minutes depending upon traffic conditions. When you want to go to the airport, you will need to call them at least three hours in advance.

Taxi - The cost will be approx. $60. Ring bell outside passenger loading zone for taxi dispatch.

Sound Transit Link Light Rail - The University of Washington Station at Husky Stadium (south campus) is now operational. The Light Rail travels from the Sea-Tac Airport to the UW campus between 5am & midnight.

  • Buy Link tickets from the ticket vending machine with cash or a credit card, or use an ORCA card by tapping it before entering the platform and after getting off the train.
  • Board the LINK LIGHT RAIL (fare is $3.25) northbound to the University of Washington (UW) station. The trip will be approximately 40-60 minutes.
  • Take the #44 bus from Mountlake Blvd NE & NE Pacific Pl - Bay 4 and get off at 15th Ave & NE Pacific St. Take the stairs just north (uphill) of the bus stop up to the north entrance to the Physics/Astronomy Building. From the north entrance, inside, turn right and follow the main hallway to the elevators.
  • OR, from the Link Rail station: Walk North, uphill, on Rainier Vista and turn left onto Stevens Way NE, the Physics/Astronomy Tower is on the left side (west) of the street.
  • The INT is located on the 4th floor, check-in is in room C411 (left of the Tower elevators).
  • Schedule:
  • Cost:
  • Campus Map:!/pat
Food Service on Campus (
View map of campus dining locations

Restaurants in the U. District
Here's a good site with reviews:

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When you check out of the INT
  • Make sure you have discussed your reimbursement with Linda Vilett.
  • Submit your talk to INT staff (instructions above).
  • If you were attending a program (not just a workshop), please complete the INT Program Exit Survey. There will be a link for this on your program's homepage.
  • Return all library materials to the library.
  • Return INT Library books and any other materials you may have borrowed.
  • If you have been using an INT desktop computer, be sure to formally log out of your account before you leave. On toolbar at top of screen, click on Systems, then on Log out on drop-down menu.
  • Stay as long as you want, then return your keys to the front desk in C411. If the staff has left, you may let yourself in with your office key and leave them on the front desk. Please do not leave your keys with a colleague.
  • Destroy your building use permit.
Transportation to the Airport

Please arrange your transportation to the airport the day before your departure!
  • Shuttle Express: 425-981-7000 or 1-800-487-7433, website at The shuttle will pick you up where you specify approximately 2 hours before your flight departure time.
  • Sound transit Link Light Rail: The UW's new Link Light Rail service ($3.25 fare) directly to Sea-Tac Airport. Travel times vary, estimate about 40-60 minutes. Buy Link tickets from the ticket vending machine with cash or a credit card, or use an ORCA card by tapping the ORCA before you enter the platform and after you get off the train.
  • A-1 Melody Airport Service: 206-999-6567, 206-522-1939. The driver's name is Moshen. Phone at least one hour ahead. Door-to-door service to the airport is approximately $60.
  • Farwest Taxi: 206-622-1717.
  • Yellow-Graytop Taxi: 206-622-6500.
  • Luxury Express (Seattle Towncar Service) - (206) 444-5400 This door-to-door service, to and from the airport, costs approx. $60 one-way and takes about 20 - 25 minutes depending upon traffic conditions. When you want to go to the airport, you will need to call them at least three hours in advance.

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