Group Theory 507

Winter 2006

Professor :    David Kaplan
    Office:      C433
    Telephone: 685-3546
    office hrs:    Wed. 4:30-5:30, or by appointment, or by luck at other times.

Grader:       Sukjin Yoon
    Office:     B427
    Telephone: 543-3904
    office hrs:     by appointment

Text: Lie Groups in Particle Physics, 2nd edition, by H. Georgi

Books on reserve (titles linked to UW library catalogue):


    The goal of this course is to cover 2+ weeks on finite groups (going somewhat beyond the first chapter of Georgi), and then a majority of the material in the first 20 chapters of Georgi, with some additional material thrown in, such as representations of the Lorentz group, and a little about the topology of groups.  There will be reading assignments each week, along with the problems sets, but you won't be getting a more detailed syllabus!


    There will be roughly one problem set due every week.  Some fraction of the problems will be graded, and the scores of the graded problems will constitute 70% of the grade for the course.  Working together on problems sets is fine.

    There will be a take-home exam at the end of the quarter which will count for the remaining 30% of the course grade.